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Make the right choice for your home

When you buy a CHIARA Home you will be purchasing a custom dream to live in.


• High quality remodeling products: flooring/tiles, fixtures, counter tops, etc. 
• Beautiful landscaping: yard, fence, deck 


What you need automated and remotely monitored and managed.

• Home Security and Automation 
(door lock, garage door, video cameras, lights control, window sensors)
• Energy Saving (LED Lights and smart thermostat)


Just add your Own Devices and router to integrate to the Home Automation related devices.

If you plan to sell your home Chiara Corp can convert it into a Chiara Home, giving your place a WOW factor so it can be sold at a higher price by adding Home Automation, custom design, high quality remodeling products, First class Staging and a Dedicated Real Estate Agent.

What We Do
  1. Home Security and Automation
    Home Security and Automation
    Remotely control and monitor your windows and doors (front, back and garage), lights, video cameras and appliances. All through your mobile app or voice command
  2. Energy Saving
    Energy Saving
    Combine LED, Lights control and smart Thermostat for maximum savings
  3. Flooring Mentor
    Flooring Mentor
    With so many options today, finding the right flooring can be exasperating. Let us help by comparing cost, maintenance, design and practicality of today’s most popular choices.
  4. Staging Homes
    Staging Homes
    When sellers combine home staging with professional photography, the result is high impact photos that can be used very effectively to showcase the property and draw more showings.
See How Smart Home 
Can Change Your Life
and what it takes to build one